How To Resist Helping Your Children During Online Exams

~Kajori Biswas
19 days ago
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Source: The Times of India

Conducting online exams is not a genuine mode to decide a child's understanding. Do all the children answer fairly? This question continues to remain doubtful. But if the reality is being ignored, what can the parents do in such situations, on their part?

Teach your kids that good grades are not the most important thing. Sometimes parents tend to pressurize children to study a lot as they should score best. In this way, the real value of education gets covered behind grades and competition. Help them learn that grades do matter but only to some extent and they are not everything in life.

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Tell them cheating is a bad option:According to a study published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, children when reminded, to be honest, are more likely to follow that. So, to make sure your child does not cheat, firstly teach them that cheating is not good and one should not cheat while doing anything.
Introspect yourself: Lastly, checking on your behavior and ways of discipline helps, as many a times children follow what they see in you.

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