How to avoid interruption by kids while working from home

11 days ago
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Source: Times of India 

You are attending an important online meeting and your little one comes, interrupting you. Now, the worst case is that you can't even ask for anybody's help. Is that what happens with you? Well, you cannot precisely teach your kids to not interrupt in between the work as they are too young after all. Yet, the number of interruptions by them can be decreased. 

What all the kids need is something engaging and that's where you win. You have to just find an age-appropriate activity for your kid. It can be anything from colouring to playing, to watching a movie or something else that can keep them engaged and distracted as well.

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Practising a hand gesture beforehand can actually change the whole situation. Just tell your kid that whenever you indicate a gesture that means you are busy right now. It might take some time to learn but once learned it can be very helpful.

Set some rules for your kids. Such as, if you are not listening to them right now. That means you are busy and you will be back to them, once done. In the end, kids are just innocent beings and do understand things, if explained properly.

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