Keeping the grandparents safe from grandkids due to the spread of Covid-19

Pratham Suwal
13 days ago
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Keeping the grandparents safe from grandkids due to the spread of Covid-19

Source: Times of India

A lot of parents after testing Covid positive make the grave mistake of dropping their kids off at grandparents' house, assuming their vaccinated parents are not more at risk to Covid adversaries. Well, the reality is far from true.

As per Covid doctors, the risk is that children might be carrying the disease without being symptomatic. In such cases, it makes better sense if grandchildren and grandparents stay apart - especially if they are over 65. Covid infection is much more serious for the elderly and those suffering from significant chronic medical conditions.

The disease is much milder and easily treatable in most children, so far so that positive parents assume it safe to leave them with their parents. If both grandparents and grandchildren are staying together and not showing any signs of illness, there is no need to separate them as it can less psychological stress for them.

Covid is rapidly spreading and when two people will come in contact, there will be some risk of the disease spreading. Like doctors are reiterating - the Covid vaccine can only protect you to an extent. So with grandchildren around, children and parents should take precautions.

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