Friendship Lessons To Teach Your Child

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17 days ago
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Source: The Times of India

Making relations and valuing them is something a child learns from their family. Friendship is one such bond that kids create out of their family right from their childhood. As they grow up, their definition changes. Certain situations make them understand how much a particular bond means to them. Here are some lessons to teach your kids about friendship.

1.    Fights are normal- they might feel this as the end of their friendship but you need to guide them that arguments and conflicts are very normal.
2.    Stand in support- the real essence of friendship lies in having a friend’s back. Teach them to stand up for their friends when someone bothers the latter.
3.    Being inclusive- being kind and including the kids who might be alone or others may not be willing to interact with them.
4.    Never bully- a true friend should not make fun or be bossy to the other and instead will respect you.
5.    Change in friendships- make them aware of the fact that people change and so it’s okay when a friendship doesn’t last long.

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