Foreign Countries eyeing India’s New Education Policy: Pokhriyal

Mayank Jain
2 months ago
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Source: The Indian Express 

In a recent address, Union Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal, remarked that many foreign countries are seeking to implement India’s Education Policy into their educational sector as well. He also mentioned that many top institutions have addressed the Indian Education Policy as “the biggest reform”.

The Union Education Minister was addressing the 97th Delhi University Convocation when he brought up the Indian Education Policy. He mentioned that the new education policy has been brought into place after “much deliberation” and will see India “reform, perform and transform”. He also praised the policy calling it “impactful, interactive, innovative and inclusive” built on the cornerstone of “equity, quality and access”.

“Cambridge, the UAE, Australia, Mauritius, Indonesia, and many others have said India’s NEP is the world’s biggest reform and that they want to implement in their countries as well. It is both national and international, supports ‘vocal for local’ and also local for global. This will bring a new set of opportunities for students,” Pokhriyal was quoted saying. He even encouraged the Delhi University students to be the flag-bearers of this policy, asking them to implement it in the “mission mode”.

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