Facebook Joins Hands with CBSE to Offer Online Programmes in its Education Push in India

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a month ago
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Source: Moneycontrol News

Facebook-CBSE partnership is led by Facebook for Education, a global initiative by the social media giant to build diverse learning communities. "To further their commitment towards digital inclusion and digital empowerment, CBSE and Facebook have partnered to launch curriculum and related training in Augmented Reality, Digital Safety & Online Well-Being and introduce Instagram Toolkit for Teens," said the CBSE brochure.

With Facebook, there will be an online program for augmented reality while with Instagram there will be a workshop on the usage time of the photo-sharing platform and how students, teachers can stay safe on these platforms.

"We will explore the essentials of how to communicate responsibly online, how to identify and respond to threats and harassment, and the tools with which they can empower themselves to stay safe and secure online," said the programme brochure. The Instagram toolkit will look into how time online impacts emotional wellbeing and also share tips on dealing with bullying, hate speech and misinformation.


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