English Medium Govt Schools In Rajasthan Prove To Be Successful!

5 months ago
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Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday said that the initiative to open English medium
government schools in the state has been a tremendous success. By learning English,
children in government schools gained confidence and stood on par with those from
private schools, Gehlot said at a private school function here on Friday.
The chief minister stated that there was no lack of talent among the Hindi-speaking
people, but in today’s times, the importance of English has increased in all fields of life.
“Hindi-speaking children do not get as many opportunities as those who are fluent in
English,” he said.
Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasra added that the government’s duty is to take
decisions to provide support to children from private school in tandem with
government schools in effort to ensure access to quality education to all children for
him/her to progress. As a result, English medium schools have been opened in all 33
districts to provide equal opportunities to children from every section of the society.
11,850 children are studying in English medium schools across Rajasthan, which is now
number 2 in terms of quality education.
Chief secretary D B Gupta said that literacy rate in the state increased from a mere
8.95% in 1951 to 66.11% in 2011. The male literacy rate stands at 79.19%, which is
equivalent to the national average, but the female literacy rate is just 52.12%.
Considerable efforts are needed to educate the girl child.