Educating your child about good and bad touch

Jyoti Singh
6 days ago
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Educating your child about good and bad touch

As a parent, you want your children to be safe and secure. But you just can’t lock her inside your house. Your kid needs to go out, explore, and grow. Then as a parent, you should teach your child about good and bad touch. While you may think your child is too young to deal with such subjects, preparators think that too. You can teach your child without making her uncomfortable about it.

1. Don’t shy away: This is a very sensitive topic and can be intimidating even for adults. But you must not shy away. Be gentle with her and calmly talk to her. That way she will trust you and talk about it if she is ever wrongly touched.

2. Pick an informal way: You don’t have to be formal. Don’t talk in a serious tone or your child will feel scared. Explain using examples she can understand.

3. Choose the right terminology: Your child is innocent so you might want to avoid words like penis and vagina. Don’t do that. Don’t use slang words either. When your child learns the right words, she can express herself better with respect to her body.

4. Talk about safe touch: This is somewhere between good and bad touch. For example, an examination by a doctor. Your child has to learn this difference.

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5. Try role-playing and use books: Arrange for small games where you can teach her to say ‘no.’ Bond with her so that she doesn’t hesitate to tell you anything. Explain things through stories and the swimsuit rule. Tell her that her body is covered by a swimsuit. And her private parts must not be touched by anyone but herself. Several books can help your child learn about the wrong touch. These books come with pictorial representation of human anatomy.

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