Easy solutions for kids to have a healthier lifestyle: Experts.

Rishabh Negi
2 months ago
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Before the evolution of social media, raising kids used to be a difficult task but we are so grateful to the internet that has changed a lot of things that are now much easier than we imagined. As a parent, we have every access to all the information which is required for the child in his overall development and growth but on the other hand, all the resources are available for children too through which they can turn towards a not-so-healthy lifestyle with a constant supply of easily orderable and available junk food from different food apps and websites. 

 It is very vital to find a productive way through which the children who are aware and conscious about their health and growth can lead a healthier lifestyle.  In the last of the three #TransformYourTeens webinars by Invisalign, moderator Tisca Chopra discusses this topic with noted nutritionist and diet expert Rujuta Diwekar and one of Mumbai’s leading orthodontists, Dr. Jignesh Kothari.

According to the nutrition expert, Rujuta Diwekar says, “I think every raging teenager should have at least a handful of cashews every day. A Handful of peanuts is really good for them. They should eat walnuts, badam, pasta and they should focus on their health on a serious note.

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