Despite being away from schools, learning didn’t stop for Delhi kids

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Shramana Biswas
a year ago
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Source: Times Of India

The coronavirus-induced lockdown was a difficult phase as the classes went online and students faced a number of issues studying at home. For many it was also the period of getting close to family and learning new things. Beyond their books and online classes, the students also learnt to appreciate a lot of things that the pandemic had taken away. The lockdown days not only were a time for reflection but also a period of learning for many.

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While he was relieved to be back to school, he would always cherish the time spent with his family during the past nine months, said a Class XII student of Mount Abu Public School of Rohini, Lakshit Pathak. The period had helped him realize the importance of school and friends, said a Class X student of Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Ghitorni, Abhishek Kumar. "Now I will never stay absent from school. It was during the lockdown I realized so much fun we used to have here," added Abhishek Kumar.

For me, the period was about helping my mother with the household work. I now know how to make roti, chili potato, and some other things,” said Sharma who is now inspired to join a hotel management institute after completing his Class XII.

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