St Stephen’s College invites donations to help sponsor needy students

Mayank Jain
2 months ago
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Stephen's College invites donations for needy students

Source: Times Of India

With students finding out at metropolis University’s St Stephen’s school facing money difficulties caused by Covid-19, the school has created a resilience fund and invited willing people to sponsor the scholars. 

A notice issued by the treasurer of the school, Reenish Geevarghese patriarch, said, “Covid-19 has hit us all hard! Between 50-100 Stepheanians presently registered in several courses, ar troubled to finance their tuition fees thanks to changes in family circumstances owing to Covid. we tend to ar appealing to any or all Stephanians to part or totally support the schooling fees of these affected students. These are extraordinary times, let's do the extraordinary.”

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Abraham told TOI, “Help has been returning in and it's largely from the alumni of the school. many emails are received and this fund is going to be used to pay the annual fees of the scholars.” 

The criteria for applying for the bursaries embody a minimum of initial division as a mixture in university examinations. “The annual financial gain of the family mustn't exceed Rs five large integer. a sound financial gain certificate should be connected.” same the notice. the scholar can also mention the other activities which will justify the applying.

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