Delhi Nursery Admissions: 538 schools yet to upload admission criteria

Mayank Jain
10 days ago
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The Nursery Admissions in Delhi began last week. As per the rules laid down by the DoE, the schools were required to upload their 100 point criteria for admission on their websites by Feb 17. But as it turns out, many schools are yet to do so. 

The schools in Delhi follow a 100 point system while evaluating students for admission. They allot a series for marks for each criteria, like 10 points if the students is a single child, 30 points if they live within a 10kn radius, and so on. This is becoming chaotic for the parents as different schools have different approaches to this point system. Among these criteria for points many schools have also included criteria that the government had warned against. 

Also, among the schools conducting Nursery admissions, 538 schools are yet to do so. Parents applying to these schools are worried because they have not been informed of the admission criteria.

The State Congress has acusedthe private schools in Delhi of not to government orders.Many parent associations have also asked for legal measures to be adopted regarding these schools. 

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