Delhi government directed the schools to depute teachers for polio immunisation programme

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polio immunisation programme

Source: Times of India

The Delhi government has instructed the schools to coordinate with the health workers for a polio immunisation programme, scheduled on September 20. The programme aims at identifying and covering every child under five years of age, a senior Directorate of Education (DoE) official said.

"The schools' principals should identify and depute teachers for coordinating with health workers. Students should also be engaged to voluntarily become members of the 'polio sena'. 'Prabhat pheries' should be taken out in strict compliance of Covid-19 prevention guidelines," the official added.

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The official has notified the principals of the schools to dedicate a room having a fan, a table and four chairs for the health workers. He also mentioned that the room should be easily accessible for all. Arrangements for water and toilet facilities should be made.

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