Delhi Board Year Students Promoted On Reassessment to be in Special Focus

Riya Sree Kaishyap
20 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

The Delhi Government had earlier given the liberty to students who hadn’t been able to pass their 9th and 11th finals on grounds of the pandemic. However, it had been made clear that this reassessment was a “one-time opportunity being extended only in the current year because of the unprecedented condition of Covid 19.”

While schools have now reopened for classes 11 and 12 to aid them for their board preparations, it is now very important to aid those students who made through 9th and 11th just because of the concessions. These students were evaluated again based on assessments and projects and were promoted based on this reassessment that was held in August last year.

Now, the education department has released a circular asking the schools to shower some special focus on these students who made it to the board year only based on the reassessment.

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