COVID can spread even over 3 weeks of time through kids: Study

a month ago
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Source: Times of India

As per the studies until now, COVID can affect kids much differently as compared to adults. They are likely to carry high risks of COVID. Now, a new study shows that kids, the one diagnosed with COVID, can spread the virus over three weeks.

The study says, "This highlights the concept that infected children may be more likely to go unnoticed either with or without symptoms and continue with their usual activities, which may contribute to viral circulation within their community. This suggests that even mild and moderately affected children remain symptomatic for long periods of time."

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Now, what parents should do?
- Ensure that your child is following all the safety guidelines such as wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, sanitizing hands, and so on.
- Encourage your kid to eat a nutritious diet. 
- Teach them the dangers of COVID-19. Make them aware and alert about the symptoms as well as risks too.

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