Class 10 Student From Delhi Makes Face Shields For Delhi Police

11 days ago
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Source: The Hindustan Times

While most of the children are spending leisure time by watching television and playing video games during this lockdown, a class 10 student of Delhi utilized his time to be productive and design a face shield with the help of 3D printer at his home.

Zareb Vardhan has transformed his study room into a face shield production room and made his snooker table a face shield holder.

Over 100 pieces of the face shield have been handed to Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastav at his office on June 22 to help policemen keep COVID-19 infection.

“I got the idea to make face shields when I saw one day that a cop is arguing with people without a face shield. As per the health ministry’s guidelines, people should follow social distancing. But there was no social distancing at all. I thought about the policemen who are always on duty and interact with people a lot. So, I decided to produce 3D face shields for them and the needy people,” Zareb told to ANI.

Impressed with the efforts of the teenager, Shrivastava presented him a Commendation Letter and expressed his gratitude for providing 100 face shields for cops.

The teenager is also in the process of making an advanced N-95 mask and claimed that it will be cheaper than those available in the market.