Christmas 2020: Watch these movies and shows with your kids

Jaladhi Sonagara
a month ago
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Christmas 2020

Source: Indian Express

Here is a list of family-friendly and most importantly, kid-friendly movies to watch together:- 

1. Super Monsters Save Christmas: Watch some cute and friendly monsters save the day by rescuing Santa Claus' reindeer.

2. Bob’s Broken Sleigh: An ordinary elf and his friends find their way through a magical forest to deliver Santa Claus' sleigh on time.

3. Klaus: A shunned mailman is sent to a North Town where he encounters a hiding Santa Claus!

4. Olaf’s Frozen journey: Remember Olaf and Sven from Frozen? Follow their story as they find new Christmas traditions in Arendelle.

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5. Arthur Christmas: What happens when a little girl's present is missing? Santa Claus' son Arthur comes to solve it before it is already Christmas.

6. Santa's Apprentice: A poor orphan boy is trained by Santa to become his successor.

7. How Murray Saved Christmas: Watch a grumpy deli owner turn into Santa Claus for Christmas.

8. The Polar Express: Join a boy's magical journey to the North Pole.

9. The Muppet Christmas Carol: An old miser changes his views on Christmas.

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