CBSE board exams delay draws mixed reaction from students

Mayank Jain
18 days ago
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Source: Indian Express


Mixed reactions have been received from the teachers and students community to delay the CBSE examinations for classes ten and twelve from May 4th to June 10th. Most of the students believe that it'd offer them longer to prepare and others are apprehensive that it would result in another delayed session.


Schools being shut through most of the educational session, some students had expressed concern over holding exams. They have got some serious preparations going because the board exam dates are already declared. Practical exams are a cause of worry among many.


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Due to the pandemic, students have had ample time on their hands to prepare themselves in. Online classes have helped students complete their syllabus and made them ready to tackle exams. New dates, therefore, threaten to slow down preparations as exams are now in May and people are starting to take ease up on studies.


Concerns also lie on the overlapping of classes and communication problems throughout the hot summer season. The exams being held in the summer month could also be a problem for children. Keep in mind the extreme temperatures during the season, the timing of exams ought to be determined wisely.

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