Boost immunity of your family to safeguard them from COVID

9 days ago
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Our immune system is the key to fight any kind of illness and disease. Further, it helps us in staying healthy. However, having a strong immune system has become much more essential in these tough times.

It's not too hard to boost our immunity. Top 3 nutrients, Vitamin C, D, and Zinc can boost immunity along with reducing the risk of catching flu. However, taking them from their natural resources can ensure overall health and fitness.

But, how can one get them?

  • Oranges, grapefruit, kiwis, guava, bell peppers and broccoli are enriched with Vitamin C.
  • One can ensure consuming enough Zinc by eating eggs, fortified breakfast cereals, poultry, beans, chickpeas and dry nuts or just take a good zinc supplement. 
  • Fruits and vegetables should be included in daily diet to ensure high immunity.
  • Further, ensure that everyone is getting a sound sleep.

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