Achiever of the Week - Kashika Pandhi

~Nimisha Paul
a month ago
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“Poetry comes alive through recitation”

We have a wonderful reciter as this week’s Achiever of the week, Kashika Pandhi. A girl who gives life to the poems which are otherwise mere words aligned together.

Kashika ranked first in the Public Speaking competition organized by ICVK Krisha Kids Festival during Janmashtami in 2019. Out of so many deserving candidates, she was the one to top the list and earn the trophy. As the competition was held on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, she soulfully narrated Govardhan Parvat's story about Lord Krishna.

Kashika is a student at the Hiranandani Foundation School and loves to recite poems and rhymes.

Have a sneak peek at her trophy!


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