A Mother is Daughter's Best Friend and She Should Educate Her About Menstruation On This Menstrual Hygiene Day

a month ago
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Source: The Indian Express

When a girl enters puberty, she has to go through several changes. Be it physical, biological or mental, she has to bear it all once she hits puberty. This is the time when her menstrual cycle starts which involves a massive change in the reproductive system and it continues till menopause.

In the initial days, many questions cross over her mind. The question addressed by parents is a drop while the unanswered ones is an ocean. On this Menstrual Hygiene Day, let’s know the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by teenagers by doctors. Here’s what Dr Sushma Tomar, Infertility Specialist and Endoscopic Surgeon at Fortis Hospital Kalyan had to say

“Firstly, we have to tell teenagers that this is not a disease. At around 10 years of age, we have to tell them that some changes in the body are going to start, so they are prepared. We also have to tell them about hygiene, how to use the napkin properly, and that they have to change it every four to five hours,” she said. Besides bleeding, they need to be told that just before periods, they will experience back pain and lower abdominal pain, besides some nausea as well. If the pain is mild, they can just take some rest. If it is severe — because many kids experience severe dysmenorrhea in the first two years — they have to be told that this is also normal and they can rest with a hot water bag to relax the muscles. 

What should a teenager choose between pads, tampons and menstrual cups?

“I suggest they can discuss with their mothers or at school. They need to know that whatever they are using, it should be comfortable. Many girls feel itching and burning sensation when they use synthetic pads. They need to be told that pads have to be disposed off every five hours because blood is the best medium for infection

Throwing away sanitary products

Dr. Tomar said the best way to discard them would be to wrap them up in a piece of paper and throw them in a dustbin only.