7 handy tips for parents to help their child beat the stress of exams

2 months ago
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As the exam time is drawing closer, it is understandable your child is experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety. But keep calm, and follow these simple guidelines to help your child confront the dreaded exams with utmost ease, and stay stress-free in these days of examination.

Don’t put too much pressure 

Be supportive of your child and let her prepare for the exams without over-burdening her with unrealistic expectations. Pressuring her will cause more stress and adversely affect the results. All children learn at their own pace and extreme pressure can make them all the more nervous about the exams. 

Pay attention to their concerns 

There should be healthy communication between you and your child. Be an attentive listener and try to resolve any possible query or problem your child may have. Your child’s point of view on any subject must never be disregarded.  This will not only keep your child motivated but also improve her reasoning and problem-solving skills. 

Monitor their studies regularly 

Regularly to monitor your child’s progress. Putting off all the preparations for the last day will put too much pressure on the child. It is only through regular sessions that you can help your child thoroughly understand the subject and minimize the stress on the day of the exam. 

Give them nutritious food 

A nutritious diet will ensure that your child stays healthy, has improved concentration and gives her best during the exams. Take special care of your child’s diet during exams, making sure she is getting ample of healthy nuts, fresh fruits and green vegetables included in her diet.  

Make them take breaks 

Encourage your child to take short breaks between studies to re-energise. Continuously studying for extended periods of time will tire out the brain and decrease its ability to retain knowledge.  

Never judge or compare 

Your child’s score in the exams may not necessarily reflect her true potential. Refrain from saying anything that might hurt the sentiments of the child. Negative words or comparison with other students will only hamper her performance in the exams.

Minimize the distractions 

Allocate a space in the house for your child to study in peace. Ensure the space is well-lit and well organized because clutter overloads the brain and impairs its ability to think, leading to stress. Any kind of distractions like family discussions, noise from the TV, access to gadgets or even disturbance from the younger sibling must be avoided. Give your child the right atmosphere to study during exams to boost her performance.