4 Summer Vacation Activities To Keep Your Child’s Memory Sharp

25 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

Summer vacation is the time when children develop co-curricular skills through various indoor as well as outdoor activities. This year, with summer camps being cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, a child’s holistic development remains at stake. However, there are certain ways to keep your child engaged in during the lockdown vacation. Work-at-home parents, in particular, need ideas for enjoyable summer activities that school-age kids can do on their own. Here are 4 ideas to keep you kid entertained:

Create a memory book of the best moments of the year

Mother and daughter Photograph by Bogdankosanovic

Be the guide and help them prepare a memory book that may include memories of the year, best-friends, qualities of friends they like, their favourite food, holiday destination, and more. This will help you understand their psychology and also engage them in something beyond academic books.

Alphabet games and number games

Child Playing ABC Photograph by Nora Carol Photography

If you happen to drive outside, even for a short trip to the grocer, you can improve your child’s reading skills with some games. Try a modified version of the alphabet games where you compete to find words on signs or billboards starting from A to Z. At home, try the alphabet game together to build vocabulary skills.

Create the grocery list

Mother and daughter grocery shop together using list Photograph by SDI Productions

Kids can stay sharp through helping parents with their errands. Planning a grocery shopping list on a budget is a fun way to practice math skills. It’s also a chance to learn about good nutrition. Kids can feel like a part of their family’s plans while they exercise their minds.

Board games and other indoor games

Mother with two daughters playing board game Photograph by Mayur Kakade

Good old-fashioned board games and cards can keep kids busy while you work. Of course, for some games, you’ll need to have more than one kid in the house to play. (Think play date!) However, there are some games for one and brainteaser games that can keep one child occupied this summer, and you’d be amazed at how many things a kid can do with a deck of cards! If your kids are old enough to play outside unattended, don’t overlook outdoor fun like playing tag with each other.